Daily Bento

11 Mar

What is it about Daylight Savings Time?

We lost an hour yesterday but somehow I’m all out of whack today.

What’s that about?

I’m great with the whole gaining an hour situation that happens in the fall, but the idea of losing an hour for no good reason is just too much for my brain to comprehend.

There was not enough coffee in the world to correct the zombie-ape like shuffle that happened en route from my bedroom to my kitchen this morning. You know the one: knuckles dragging, eyes half-opened, unable to process coherent thought or string together intelligible sentence structures.

And I had to put a lunch together in that condition. In a hurry too because naturally, we woke up later than usual.

On that note, here’s lunch:

In my sleepy stupor, I managed to finagle half of a chocolate hazelnut sandwich, some fruit leather tulips, carrots, grapes, and tortilla chips somewhat neatly into Camryn’s Lock&Lock box.

Then I noticed that there were only three colors happening in her lunch. Seriously, I can’t keep from spilling the same drink twice but when it comes to color coordination – even subconsciously, my skills are top-notch.

So I threw in a couple of pieces of baran to jazz it up a bit and called it done.

Happy belated Daylight Savings 😉




One Response to “Daily Bento”

  1. Sara March 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    You crack me up Cass! Good thing we never lived together, you would have released the rage on me in the mornings. Good job on pulling out a great lunch for Cam.


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