Daily Bento

29 Jan

I can’t tell you how long I stood in my kitchen last night, looking at food spread out all over my counter and trying to figure out how to situate it in this bento box.

The issue is never what to put in the bento. I know what my girl will eat and what she won’t. For me, it’s more a matter of how to arrange everything. It’s similar to writer’s block. Where you stare at a blank page with an empty brain, waiting for an idea to jump out at you.

Well, I happily discovered that one of the sections from her Lock & Lock box fits nicely in her HK bento. That was a nice surprise. It also made it much easier to figure out where to put everything.

In this bento there are salami and turkey roll-ups, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, Ritz crackers, cheese, two blueberry donuts, and honey roasted peanuts in the little box.

For the donuts, I used a packaged muffin mix, added apple juice instead of water, and baked them in a mini donut pan. Easy peasy.


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