Daily Bento

16 Jan

I really miss being able to take pictures near the window in the natural afternoon light like when the kids were on Christmas vacation from school. It’s so dark in my house in the morning when I take all of my bento pics. Blah.

If my husband is reading this and wondering what to get me for my birthday, a better camera might be a good idea.

Just sayin’.

There’s a lot going on in today’s bento. I used small flower cutters to make one-bite salami sandwiches. I thought that would be the best way to pack that particular sandwich since often times, when you bite into a salami sandwich, the meat seems to want to slide right out. I also put carrot sticks, grapes, grape tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese flowers in a silicone cup.

I found a bag of Cold Stone ice cream flavored jelly bellies on clearance during a quick trip to Target last night. Couldn’t pass those up. I put a few in the little rainbow box as a special treat.

There are also chocolate bunnies and dark chocolate covered almonds in the other silicone cup. I used a piece of baran to separate them.

Cam is in a running club at her school and they run 10 laps every Wednesday. I think between the chocolate covered almonds and the jelly beans, she should have a little more pep in her step ;).

Finally, I added a sweet lunchbox note that I found last night during a search for ‘free lunchbox note printables’. Try it, there are tons out there. I plan on getting some laminating paper in the near future so I can print, cut, laminate & then use them over and over. This could be a cheap and easy gift for someone who bentos.

I think she’ll enjoy finding this little surprise in her lunch today.




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