Daily Bento

8 Jan

It’s a dino lunch!

Sort of.

I found some dino cutters in the dollar spot at Super Target last week so of course I grabbed them. I already had dinosaur picks so how could I pass up a cutter for $1?

It didn’t cut as nicely as I would have liked. Next time, I’ll cut the bread before I add the filling and see how it does.

Here’s how this theme plays out:

I packed two (brontosaurus?) sandwiches in the very top part. The speech bubble is just hand cut mozzarella cheese that I used food safe markers to write on.

The orange in the middle section sort of looks like a dino egg with a t-rex hatching from it so we’ll go with that. Next to the orange are some broccoli trees.

In the very bottom section I packed fish crackers (dino food) and stars along with a shooting star box to represent the comet or meteor that may have wiped them out.

Today’s lunch was packed in Cam’s brand new Bynto from Goodbyn. I had been wanting one of these since the summer but was waiting for a sale or a coupon code. So when the 40% coupon showed up over the Christmas break, I jumped on it. These boxes used to come with dishwasher safe stickers but sadly, they do not anymore as I learned the hard way. I ordered stickers yesterday.

I can’t really do a solid review yet since this is the first day we’ve used it. Cam seems to really like it and is super excited about putting stickers on it. It is a little tricky to open and close but I know she’ll get the hang of it. It seems sturdy and fits perfectly in her lunchbox. As pictured below…


One Response to “Daily Bento”

  1. eclecticlamb January 8, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    Very cute. I love the speech bubble!


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