Daily Bento

26 Nov


Happy Monday!

I’m a little late posting today due to taking on a redecorating project in Cam’s room.

She used to have what I called ‘the wall of cubbies’ in her room that held most of her toys. Well, she rarely actually plays with toys. She spends most of her time reading or doing artsy and crafty stuff. So I thought why not go through all her toys, keep the  few she actually plays with, donate the rest, and turn that wall of cubbies into a place for her to do what she loves to do?

If you’ve ever really cleaned out your kid’s room or taken on a project like this, I’m sure you know that it can quickly get out of control to the point that soon after you start, you find yourself in a bigger mess that you could have imagined. And of course because you’ve dragged every single thing out, you should probably take the opportunity to disinfect it or dust it off.

Long story short – after a lot of work, the end result turned out wonderfully. It’s adorable, functional and most importantly, Cam loves it. The only thing missing is a chair so that she can actually use it. That will come soon.

Back to the bento.

We decorated our Christmas tree last night and Camryn spent a long time admiring each and every ornament so I thought it would be fun to make her a Christmas tree/green themed bento.

She had a chicken sandwich which I put on top of Wheat Thin sticks. In the other tier, she had celery slices, pea pods, and fresh green beans. She also had Christmas trees cut out of cheese.


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