Daily Bento

7 Nov

Behold the bento that almost wasn’t. Pictured above, is actually the 2nd bento I made last night. As I was putting the first one in the fridge, it slipped out of my hand and all of my super nimble cat like reflexes weren’t enough to keep it from hitting the floor. Luckily, nothing actually spilled out of the bento box, it just got sloshed around and jumbled up inside the box.

So we press on because this is real life and sometimes we drop things and therefore sometimes we end up making lunch twice.

For today’s bento, I put some diced chicken breast leftover from dinner the previous night, in a silicone cup with some sliced carrots. Next to that are some french green beans (hericot vert) with some yellow grape tomatoes on top. In the other part of the bento, I put two banana muffins and a few chocolate covered almonds.


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