Daily Bento

1 Nov


I was running later than usual this morning so I didn’t have time to snap a more flattering picture. I do think that this lunch goes to show that you don’t have to invest in actual bento boxes to pack a bento style lunch. You probably already have something in your kitchen cabinets that will do just fine.

Today’s lunch was packed in a sandwich container that I got for free when Rudy’s was doing an awesome promotion a while back where if you sent them a picture of a drawing your child had done, they would put it on a sandwich box & ship it to you for free! I was all over that one.

I love this box because it’s a bit wider than most sandwich boxes so my silicone cups fit and I can really pile up the fruit or veg.

For lunch today, Cam has half of a chicken sandwich, grapes, and a cupcake left over from our Halloween party last night. I also packed her some tortilla chips in a separate container.



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