Daily Bento

18 Oct

Today’s bento has a piggy sandwich in the bottom tier. I had a few heart-shaped sprinkles left in my baking cabinet that I thought would be perfect to spruce him up a bit. The top tier has pineapple & mandarin oranges in the heart-shaped cup, grape tomatoes, and two skewers with salami and mozzarella cheese on them.

If you wondering why I’ve been making so many nutella sandwiches lately, it’s because my daughter has said on many occasions that she does not like sandwiches.  I’m trying to change her mind ever so slowly. At first, she was only taking a few bites of her nutella sandwich. Now she eats the whole thing. In time, we’ll slowly warm up to meats and cheeses as well as other fillings.

No school for my kids tomorrow which means not only that we’ll all be sleeping in past 5 tomorrow, yay! But also that Daily Bento will be back on Monday.

Have a great weekend!



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