How To Eat Yogurt With Your Fingers

7 Oct


My kids love yogurt. In fact, after much pleading from me for her to try it, my littlest has recently discovered that she loves yogurt so much, she eats a huge bowl of it every night after dinner with fresh fruit mixed in.

Today I made her a spoon-free version for her afternoon snack & it was a huge hit.

All you need is yogurt & a silicone mold. You can find silicone molds at crafting or baking supply stores. I can usually find them in the $1 section at Super Target or at The Dollar Tree around the holidays.

You can leave them plain or embellish with fresh fruit, sprinkles, or anything else your heart desires.

For my skulls, I put 2 large blue sprinkles at the bottom of a skull-shaped silicone mold. Then I poured a spoonful of yogurt on top, filling the mold. I used the back of the spoon to level the yogurt. Freeze for a few hours or overnight if you can & then pop them out when you’re ready to eat. That’s it! Super simple.

*These can also be made the night before to pack in a well-insulated lunch box. They will defrost & soften a little by lunch time so pack a spoon to make eating them easier.



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